Vulnerability Assessment

We provide Web Vulnerability Assessment Services to our clients. We can discover vulnerabilities in your networks and web applications.

Assessment Methods We Apply

    Our Neoogy security testing team combines automated and manual approaches to take the full advantage of the vulnerability assessment process.

1. Automated scanning : To start the vulnerability assessment process, Neoogy security team use different automated scanning tools, depending upon the clients requirement.

2. Manual assessment : Neoogy security testing team performs the manual tuning of the scanning tools, as well as subsequent manual validation of the scanning findings to eliminate false positives. Upon the completion of such manual assessment performed by our team, you get reliable results containing only confirmed vulnerabilities.

After the Assessment, we will provide you details of the vulnerability with Proof-Of-Concept.

Assessment Service Price

Neoogy Security Team provide low price Vulnerability Assessment service.

For more information on our Vulnerability Assessment services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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