Ethical Hacking - Steganography

Steganography is the process of hiding data in other types of data such as images or text files. This technique is primarily used for maintaining confidentiality of the data. The most common technique used in steganography is hiding the message within an image or a graphic file. The message is hidden inside the image in such a way that there is no change in appearance of the image file, and it looks perfectly normal.

This technique is mostly used by blackhat hackers. A blackhat hackers can embed any malicious file in a graphic file using steganography. So, it is difficult to find or extract malicious file.

Types of Steganography -

  • Image Steganography

  • Document Steganography

  • Folder Steganography

  • Video Steganography

  • Audio Steganography

  • White Space Steganography