Ethical Hacking - Password Hacking

Password Hacking is a technique, where an attacker attempting different types of process to gain Unauthorized access to restricted systems using common passwords or algorithms that guess passwords.

There are a number of techniques that can be used to hack passwords :

Dictionary attack : In this attack, hackers create password list to guess the password.

Brute force attack : This attack is similar to the dictionary attack. In this attack, the hackers uses all possible combinations of letters, numbers, special characters, and small and capital letters to break the password. This type of attack has a high probability of success, but it requires an enormous amount of time to process all the combinations. A brute-force attack is slow and the hacker might require a system with high processing power to perform all those permutations and combinations faster.

Rainbow table attack : A rainbow table contains a set of pre-defined passwords that are md5 hashed. It is a lookup table used especially in recovering plain passwords from a cipher text. In this attack, hackers create a database that has md5 hashes of commonly used passwords and compare the target password hash against those hashes, which are stored in the database.